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Tournament of Diamonds

August 29, 2024

Winston Golf Club
approx. 8:
00 A.M.

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is a barrier free meeting and recreational facility that is accessible to all people regardless of their age or ability. But it is more than that! It is a model of community inclusiveness where persons with disabilities can play next to and with their able-bodied peers. We welcome individuals and organizations to run their programs at Calgary Rotary Challenger Park.

Meeting the Challenge Together

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is the result of a partnership of individuals and organizations representing more than 100,000 people in the community. Through this ongoing combined effort, the Park has become and will remain a thriving success for Calgary.

Located on 23 acres of land provided by the Calgary Airport Authority, the Park consists of baseball/softball diamonds, cricket field, dressing rooms, a soccer/football field, an 400 metre running track, a fields event area, basketball courts, tennis courts, administration building, picnic areas, a playground, 1500 Square foot meeting space, concession and other amenities.

Our Park

Includes 2 ball diamonds, A football/soccer field, a 400m running track, a fields event area, a barrier-free playground, parking for 250 cars and 6 buses, and a specialized drop-off area. The Park also includes a vast recreational area, a specialized playground, and tennis and basketball courts. The Jim & Pearl Centre houses Park Administration, Renfrew Educational Services, and BAPS Temple. The upper level of the Alberta Centennial Centre is rented to Shepherd’s Ministries, the lower level is used as a changing facility for ball players.

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